Adjustable Desk Riser Review (Video)

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I got the Flexispot sit stand desk riser about six months ago, maybe four months ago or something like that. I’ve been using it religiously at home ever since then. Every single day I can pretty much use it and I have to say I like it. I do enjoy it. It’s very nice desk.

The keyboard space that they have here is definitely larger than the Ergotron desk. The whole desk is roughly about the same size as the Ergotron. The actual base up here where the monitor stands is maybe a little bit smaller or almost about the same size. They are really close in size. I’m not going to give you exact dimensions, it is really so close it doesn’t matter.

The only differences between the Ergotron desk and the Flexispot desk is the Ergotron has a monitor mount and you can do one monitor or two monitors.

The Flexispot desk, you actually set the monitor on top of the desk and it works out well. I can put the desk up and down and nothing really happens and I have a big monitor, 32 inch monitor that I use as my primary monitor and it doesn’t really move around too much when I’m doing anything, so it works out really really well for me.

adjustable standing desk riser

There are some people that might not work out for you, but for me it works out great. I don’t really need mount for two monitors or anything like that because I have one so that’s perfectly fine, I’m okay with that.

So what I like more about this one is the extra keyboard and mouse space that this one has. You have a little bit more room to kind of move out your keyboard and things like that and your mouse if you need to.

Where the Ergotron desk is a little bit more narrow on the inside, it’s actually kind of like enclosed almost, so you don’t really have a lot of room, especially if you have a large keyboard or you’d like to use a lot of mouse area, it’s not gonna work out too well for you.

So Flexispot definitely takes the cake on the length and width for the keyboard and mouse area. Love that.

Biggest thing that I did notice is that I cannot get any of my mice to work on the actual material that the desk is made out of so I had to use a mouse pad. The Ergotron material whatever mouse I use work perfectly fine, so any laser driven mouse or obstacle mouse, works perfectly fine.

I use a a really expensive mouse. I cannot get it to work on this material at all. It will not function, it will not read, does nothing on it. Not a big deal breaker for me. I can use a mouse pad so I have a perfectly fine mouse pad. It’s fine, I can function with that, it’s not, again, deal breaker for me. It’s maybe a nuisance. Some people might not like that, some people may not want to use a mouse pad, so you have that that you have to kind of content with.

sit stand desktop workstation

Other than that it’s great. It does have a little slot right here in the front where you set a phone, an iPad, any type of tablet you can set right in the front here and it really functions as another slot where you can put any type of phone or tablet. So I tend to put my phone here so I can see any notifications that are going off, anything like that.

I’ll put my iPad up here. I’m kind of going back in between like some excel sheets, I kind of do some excel with my iPad a little bit and go between my computer and that just so I have something else to refer back to because everything on iPad is in the cloud of course.

So I like that. I like that it has a little slot up here, built-in, that you could put a tablet or your phone and it’s really right there at your fingertips, you don’t have to do anything. It has holes at the bottom. You can actually run power cable through the bottom of it, which is really convenient. I really really like that feature a lot. So that’s really cool.

The last and not least thing is the functionality and the way that the desk is driven going up and down it’s all hydraulic based and it really is very, very smooth. You slide it wherever you want it, locks right in place and I love that, it really is very very very smooth.

So whether I’m sitting completely down and doing my work or I’m standing up wherever I need it to go, it really functions really really nice and goes exactly where I need it to go.

I really had not any issue with it that I could really say don’t buy this because of this this, or this.

These might steer you away because they might not work for you. Everything about this desk works for me and I love it.

So if you’re considering a sit stand desk, the Flexispot might be something that works for you.

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