Electric, Ergonomic Standing Office Desk Review

With the push of a button, this electric, ergonomic office desk can move from sitting to standing!

This high-quality adjustable height desk should be an integral part of every ergonomic workstation.

If you searched for the perfect electric standing office desk and grew frustrated at the available products, you will love this ergonomic model.

Unlike other models that are aesthetically too bulky, or the features are lacking, or the price is too high, this model has everything you will need.

  • Dual motor for smooth height adjustment with very little noise while running.
  • The movement is so stable that your drinks on the desk will never spill.
  • 20 inches of height adjustability.
  • Energy-saving display shows your exact desk height.
  • With programmable presets, you can save your favorite seated and standing heights.
  • Sit/stand reminder system alerts you when it’s time to stand.
  • Frame width expands for 23 inches, accommodating different desktop sizes.
  • The design has no crossbar, so your legs have more room.
  • Cable management system allows you to place cables inside the frame.


This model is great in design and functionality, and most importantly, its quality is excellent.

This ergonomic, electric standing office desk is meant for intensive, daily use.

The desk was designed so you can make both standing and sitting a natural part of your work day.

It is a simple solution to the adverse effects of being sedentary. By easily switching between sitting and standing, you will boost your mood, energy levels and concentration. As a result, you will be more efficient, naturally.

Overall, the desk feels very solid, is really comfortable and blends-in beautifully with a surrounding modern design.

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