Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk Converter Review

Review of the Flexispot M-series line of height adjustable sit/stand desk converters.

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Today I want to introduce you to our Flexispot M series line of desk converters.

This is one of our favorite lines here at Standing Desk Nation because it just has a great combination of functionality and affordability.

So let’s answer the question what makes the M2 or the Flexispot M series so functional.


First thing I want to point out is that unlike most desk converters, the Flexispot actually adjust straight up and down. Why is that important detail? Does not seem like much.

The reason why this is really cool is that it keeps us close to our desk. So if we’re using the rest of our desk space, either to hold things to write on, whatever the case may be, everything’s still within arm’s reach.

When you have other desk models that articulate out this way, takes you away from your desk and functionally renders that space unusable at that point. So this is a great option for that.

Secondly, the Flexispot series adjust really smoothly. They did a great job of investing in high quality springs, they put the resources where it needed to be and makes it really simple and easy to move up and down and they actually gave it twelve different points of adjustability, between six inches off the desk, all the way up to a maximum height of 20 inches. So if you’re tall, this is a great option for you.

The last cool little thing about the M-series line of desks, are just a few little built-in features that they added.

The first one is this tablet holder, which is a really great spot for you to place your phone or your iPad or whatever tablet you use.

Also in the back of the desk it comes with a spot where you can even attach a monitor arm so if you’re looking for a little bit more of a robust system where you can adjust your monitor in and out, up and down, along with this, you’ve got that option available.

Now if I was going to point out any negatives, if I was gonna nitpick this line of desks, the first thing I would probably point out is that it’s got a fixed keyboard tray. It’s really not a big deal. It’s so large that you can move around quite easily and you can adjust it to your needs, so don’t worry about it.

There’s also just a teeny bit of assembly requirement you get, but again it’s not a big deal. This is a great desk.

This is the M2 in the M series lines of desks. The M2 is 35 inches wide and its most popular model that we sell on the line. There’s also a smaller 27-inch lines, if space is an issue or if you just looking for something a little bit less expensive.

sit stand desktop workstation

We also have two specialty models which are actually very popular.

The first one is a 47-inch wide model. That’s important because we get a lot of people that are looking for a desk that will fit their laptop, one monitor and a second monitor. So if you need that extra space, the M3 47-inch is a great model for you.

The last one is the M4 which is for those of you that maybe work at a cubicle or have an l-shaped desk. If you like to work in the crevice of that desk where the two sides meet, then there’s a corner option, called M4, the great option we recommend you check it out.

The last thing that we always want to tell anybody that’s considering purchasing sit stand desk, is that if you’re going to maximize your time on your feet, if you’re going to minimize your time sitting, add an anti-fatigue mat to your order.

In this case, Flexispot spot has one of our favorite models, it’s called the Flexispot Wellness Mat. It’s really thick, it’s got about three quarters inches of padding to go under your feet so your feet are not gonna hurt, you’re going to want to stand more, that’s the idea, that’s good.

To make it even cooler, it actually pushes in and out of the way with a simple movement of your foot. So if you imagine, in most cases if you want to pull your chair in and sit down, you might have to bend over and pull an anti fatigue mat away. This one you can simply slide back and forth with your foot. It’s a really great way to make that easy on you.

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