Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desktop Workstation Review

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In this video I’ll be unboxing and reviewing the 35 inch Flexispot M2 which is a height-adjustable sit-stand desktop workstation.

So I do a lot of business out of my home office and it gets pretty annoying when I start dealing with lower back pain from sitting most of the day.

I recently decided that I wanted to start standing more as I do my work during the day and with the new apparel company it just makes sense.

Instead of sitting and standing every 30 seconds as I print orders, then go fulfill them, back and forth all day, I could just print, stand, walk and do everything and it’s a lot more fluid.

So I took some time, researched online and found the perfect solution for me, from a company called Flexispot.

So I reached out to them and explain what I’ve been going through, what i was looking for and we came to the conclusion that the 35 inch Flexispot M2 desk riser would be perfect for what I’m looking for and they graciously sent me one right here for me to review for you guys.

Now they offer a super high quality sit-stand desk riser that allows me to turn any flat surface such as a countertop, a table into a sit stand desk in seconds.

Now I’m super excited to show you how awesome this thing is.

sit stand desktop workstation

Like I said, I’ve done a ton of research, watched million videos, read a ton of articles, and Flexispot seems like the go-to.

So I’m going to unbox it for you guys. I kept in the box because I wanted to kind of bring you along with the journey.

I know some of my other reviews, I just, you know, I toy with it before I make the video and this is going to be live, but it’s a desk riser, right so it’s not like super technological piece of gear.

It’s built for a purpose, that purpose is giving you the ability to have a sit stand desk. That’s what this thing is made for, so let’s get it out of the box and see what we’re dealing with.

As you can probably tell from the package size, the unit comes almost completely preassembled. All you have to do is add the keyboard tray with the screws that they provide in the box, so in less than five minutes you’re up and running.

Now I chose to go with the black version but they do offer the same riser in white.

I love the fact that it’s portable in the sense that you can just add it to the top of an existing desk or if you’re limited on space you could turn a kitchen countertop into a functional home office space.

For this demo I wanted to show you how I could take a cheap table from IKEA and turn it into a functional sit-stand desk.

It’s pretty heavy duty to being able to hold up to 35 pounds so you can use it with a simple setup like I have here with just a laptop or with a couple of 24 inch monitors. You could put, you know, office supplies, whatever, a small child if you choose, it’s going to be able to hold it.

When it comes to monitors, they also offer a dedicated monitor mount for this thing which is super slick.

So before I wrap up this review, there’s a couple other features that I want to talk about the Flexispot M2 35 inch sit stand workstation.

One being the ergonomics. I pulled it out of the box and it was like instantly I knew where the handles were because they are located where they should be, right here.

I know other models of sit-stand desks where the handles are like a pullout or you have to reach in and it’s just the pain in the butt and these are right where you would expect them to be – the gas struts super high quality and it’s very very easy to push down even with no weight, I mean, it’s laptop, doesn’t weigh anything.

It has locks you could hear it clicking, you could probably see that, and I like it. I mean it’s sturdy, I can lean on it, there’s very little play, it’s on a cheap desk or it’s on a cheap table I should say, but I could sit here, you can tell, and putting my weight into it and I don’t feel like it’s going to fall apart or spring up and hit me in the face.

Another feature I want to talk about real quick is the finish. This is the black but it’s almost like a matte black, it has a little sheen to it but I mean, I’ve been touching it now for over half an hour and there’s no fingerprints on it’s like blowing my mind honestly, because I’ve had studio desks that are black, I’ve been o other studios, you know, with my music production background, that have fingerprints all over them, whether they’re glass with a glossy black and is so annoying to try to keep wiping the smudges up every single time you touch it or put the soda down or whatever. I do recommend coasters anyway.

So like I said, I’m going to put the link to this particular model in the description box below, you can check it out and from there you can check out all the Flexispot’s different product offerings, the different finishes, the different sizes, the different accessories.

Click here to buy + free shipping!.

They actually have full-on standing desk, motorized standing desk, really cool stuff, so the link is in the description box below (or use this link) and as always guys if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’m gonna do my best to answer each and every one of them.

If you have a super technical question however, I would recommend going to the link, hitting up their website directly and either seeing if their website has that information for you or contact them directly via email or phone call because let’s face it, they’re the experts when it comes to technical information here.

As always I appreciate you watching the video, if you haven’t yet please subscribe and I want to take one quick little second, just a little second, to thank Flexispot one more time for sending me this awesome workstation to be able to do a review on.

I really look forward to incorporating this into my workflow, in my everyday life to be honest.

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