Best Standing Desk Converter Review

Here is review of the FlexiSpot standing desk converter which you can use at work. This is an amazing desk riser and really great for dealing with back pain and improving your posture.

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Today I wanted to give you a quick overview of the Flexispot 35 M2B. This is a sit stand workstation that I was sent for review.

I’m always changing up the latest technology that I’m using at work because I have constant back pain and so having a sit stand workstation I have found is amazing. I’ve really fallen in love with this workstation and I’ll show you why.

So most of the day I’m in this position where I can sit, I’m just at my desk, I’m typing, I have both my monitors up here going and I’m just typing like normally.

But I really like to switch it up every two hours into the standing position and this desk makes it super simple.

standing desk converter

On each side of the desk there’s two handles and all you have to is just gently grab on the panels and the desk pretty much will lift itself and then guide the desk up.

There’s a whole bunch of different height levels that you can set the desk to. I find this is about the right height for me.

Now also oftentimes adjust my monitors as well to a different height depending on if I’m sitting or standing, but switching from the sitting to standing position using the Flexispot desk is really easy and actually goes higher than this. Let me show you the maximum height. That’s about as high as it will go.

Now to give you reference, I am 5,11 and one of the things you have to consider when you buy a sit stand desk is what is the starting height of the desk you’re putting it on because not only does the maximum height of this sit stand desk that you buy matter but also the height of the starting desk matters as well

But for me as a guy who’s 6 foot, this is perfectly fine. This works great with the setup I have, I’m able to sit, I’m able to stand, I’m able to put this at all different positions and this thing is built like a tank.

It can hold 35 pounds and I have seen very little wiggle when you’re typing on this, there’s no wiggle, there’s it’s nothing, it’s very solid

What’s really cool about this sit stand desk is unlike other desks where when you pull up for the standing position they come out, this just goes straight up and down, which I think also adds to the stability of the desk making it really solid and also saving your space.

So if you’re confined in space like me where I’m in a cubicle, having a desk that just goes straight up is really nice.

Now there’s a few different desk models that you can get of this. This come both in a smaller version where you could have one monitor or this wider version where you can have two monitors and it also comes in black and white.

I’m going to link in the description down below to where you can get this particular model and it varies in price depending on when you get it, but I would say anywhere between $300 to $500 as a good deal on any of these sort of sit stand desks.

sit stand desktop workstation

If you’re going be working all day at your desk, you want something that is quality and this definitely fits the belt.

So keep an eye out, you can often time skit deals on amazon for something like this, like 375, and I think that’s a pretty darn good deal and definitely worth while investment for your back and your posture.

A couple other notable features about this desk is it actually has a slot up here where you could put like an iPad, I don’t use an iPad or anything like that at work but have a little external number pad that I could put in here if I wanted to.

It also has on iPad holder. It actually got some slots down here so you could run like a power cord for your iPad into these slots and keep it powered.

That’s my first impression of the Flexispot 35-inch desk. I’ve been using this now for a while, I really love it, I think you’re gonna love it too.

Definitely check it out. Very, very helpful desk converter and I hope you guys found this review helpful.

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