Standing Desk Health Benefits

There are many standing desks on the market and most of them are excellent. I really love this height adjustable desk because you can lower it down and sit when you are really tiered, feel some pain or maybe injured. (Also see this amazing desktop workstation!)

Some people wonder whether a standing desk can do any good. They believe that standing motionless can be just as bad as sitting. Such fears are unfounded.

For the majority of people, this is simply not the case and standing desks are the way to go.

stand up work table

When you buy this type of desk, you will typically stand for several hours a day. But you don’t stand still!

You move from leg to leg and change your body posture quite a lot. That weight-bearing and adjustment of weight-bearing creates a number of physiological benefits to the musculature, the visual cortex, and the whole body.

Another good thing is that you will walk more, especially if you need to talk to your coworkers. This also means that you will become more social. More interaction reduces stress and helps you feel more relaxed. Your mood and energy levels will also be improved.

According to a study, bus conductors have half the risk of heart disease-related deaths as compared to drivers. This is a very obvious link between prolonged sitting and developing heart disease.

Another huge benefit of using standing desks is that it can help lower blood sugar levels, most especially after lunch. People with lots of sedentary time have 112% greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

If you standing for at least six hours a day, you may reduce your risk of obesity by 32 %to 35%. If you are man and you are standing 12 hours a day, you may reduce your risk of obesity by as much as 59%.

In women, standing a three-quarters of the time each day, can cut their risk of obesity by 57%.

More office workers suffer from back pain. After using standing desks for just 2-3 weeks, they experienced a significant improvement in lower back pain.

The extra movements your body gets by standing keeps muscles active, blood circulation boosted and feeling of alertness increased.

The biggest benefit is increased life expectancy. You will live longer if you stand more and sit less!

More energetic and active people usually live longer than people who are lazy and inactive.

All this should tell you that standing desks are a better choice than the traditional desks.

stand up desk

Always keep in mind this proven fact – too much sitting has a mortality rate similar to smoking! And we all know how many people are killed by smoking each year – tens of millions!


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